Are anxiety and depression holding you back?

Do you feel nervous or fearful with people and have difficulty reaching out?

Are you troubled by self doubt and wish that you could trust your own decisions?


Do you feel nervous in new situations and when meeting new people? Are fear and sadness taking up too much space in your life?

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Sexual Abuse

If you know or suspect that sexual abuse is a source of these feelings, you have options—you have the power to regain control of your life. Therapy can help.

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Perhaps you’re confused about your sexual orientation. You may be experiencing intense feelings toward a member or members of the same sex and struggle to understand what it all means.

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Get Help Coming Out as an Adult

You’re gay. Or queer, or bi, or some identity that you don’t have words for yet. What do you do now? How do you tell the people in your life? You may be nervous to share your identity with your friends and family, but being who you are is something to be proud of. You, […]

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Ph.D, PsyD, M.D. — It’s alphabet soup!

Making the decision to seek therapy is a big step for most people. It’s important to find the right professional — for you. How to choose? Some people start by getting referrals from a friend, or from their doctor. Others look through the provider directory of their health insurance company. Other people just go through […]

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