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Do you worry a lot, find yourself losing your temper, or get upset easily?


Do you wonder why your relationships get stuck? Can’t figure out what’s holding you back?


The fear and sadness that come with anxiety and depression can affect you in many ways. Do you:

  • Feel stuck in a relationship or job?
  • Feel nervous in new situations or when meeting new people?
  • Drink or eat too much?
  • Lie awake at night worrying?
  • Spend money you don’t have?

Anxiety and depression can make you feel stuck and hopeless. Therapy can help you move forward.


Whether you’re currently in crisis or you just need a helping hand, whether your problems feel too big to handle or you think they’re frustratingly inconsequential, sharing your thoughts with a trained professional can give you perspective and help you develop insight into why you make the choices you do, and help you to start doing things differently.

I’ve specialized in insight-oriented psychotherapy for over fifteen years, helping people to challenge and change the behaviors and beliefs that are holding them back in life.  By creating a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment, I can help you to identify what you want in life, set and reach your goals, repair old wounds, and start living a life that’s free of fear, despair, and self-imposed obstacles.

Whether you know what you want to change or you just feel that things in your life are off-course, I will help you to put words to what traps you and holds you back. In therapy, you can find your voice, determine what you really want, and develop healthy strategies for meeting your goals. Together we can build a more satisfying future.

Take the next step— please give me a call at 212.666.0332 to set up a consultation.