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Did you grow up in a religion that does not recognize gay individuals as equals?

Do you feel punished—or are you punishing yourself—for having desires or feelings that are not heterosexual?

Perhaps you’re confused about your sexual orientation. You may be experiencing intense feelings toward a member or members of the same sex and struggling to understand what it all means. Maybe you want to embrace spirituality, but you feel awkward and excluded because of your sexual identity.

Do you wish you could feel good about your sexuality and have others love and value you just the way you are?

It is not unusual for LGBTQ people, especially someone coming out as an adult, to feel anxious, frustrated, angry or even fearful and ashamed. You might worry that your family and friends will reject you, or that you’ll be seen as “abnormal.” Perhaps you work in in an environment that is openly hostile or subtly demeaning of LGBT individuals.

You Don’t have to Feel Alone or Different

If these feelings and concerns are holding you back from living a full and open life, therapy will be a good resource for you. Whether you are just becoming aware of your feelings of attraction, are nervous about coming out to friends and family, need help navigating a homophobic religion, or would like to learn strategies for navigating your work environment, I can help.

I am an LGBTQ friendly therapist with experience working with the gay community, including expertise with people who have experienced early trauma.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

–Dr. Seuss

You can Accept and Feel Empowered by Your LGBTQ Identity

Black lesbian couple looking at a laptop. LGBT Therapy in New York

My goal is for you to feel confident in yourself. In therapy, you can identify, explore, and address the thoughts, issues and situations that are causing you pain or confusion, and you can gain confidence and come to love and accept yourself just as you are. You can begin to make choices for yourself without comparing yourself to others or feeling a need to conform. Together, we can work through both your individual challenges as well as those of particular concern to many people in the LGBTQ community, such as meeting and dating, having children with a same-sex partner, managing finances together, and maintaining relationships with extended family.

It is possible for you to feel better about yourself and your sexuality and to feel confident in your relationships and your life choices. Developing the strength to express your authentic self in therapy is the first step toward healing and long-lasting personal growth, acceptance, and empowerment.

A therapist can’t understand me. I’m worried that he or she will see me as abnormal because I am gay.

I have considerable experience working with the LGBTQ community. My practice area in New York City has a large community of gay and gay-friendly people. My professional research has focused on LGBTQ people who experienced early trauma. I have worked in a wide variety of professional settings with diverse populations, including hospitals, clinics, and academic institutions. I strive to provide an environment that is non-judgmental and focused on helping you develop a positive attitude toward yourself.

Therapy is a process of getting to know yourself. Developing a strong sense of self, regardless of sexual preference, enables positive decision-making and helps you feel empowered in your relationships. With the right therapist and guidance, therapy can help you better navigate the challenges in your life and help you create and maintain a positive attitude.

Gay couple with their child. LGBT Therapy in New York.

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