What I Offer

I provide insight-oriented psychotherapy helping people to challenge and change the behaviors and beliefs that are holding them back in life. My specialties include…

Woman looking out at the river. Therapy for anxiety and depression in New York

Do you feel nervous or fearful with people and have difficulty reaching out? Do you lie awake at night worrying? Do you feel sad, worthless, or guilty?

LGBTQIA+ flag in NYC. Therapy for identity exploration and support in New York

Do you feel anxious, confused, or isolated by your sexual orientation? Are you worried about coming out to people you’re close to and wonder how they’ll react?

You man thinking about sexual abuse

If you know or suspect that you were sexually abused, it doesn’t have to hold you back—you have the power to regain control of your life. Therapy can help.

Father and son walking down the street together. Custody Evaluations are offered in New York

If the Court has ordered that you undergo an evaluation for determining custody, you might be worried and upset. Don’t worry. There are ways to navigate this.

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Please call at 212-666-0332 or send me an email to set up a consultation.

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